August/September 2022
The Importance of Local History

From historical figure quotes, stories from your relatives, articles in local newspapers to a memorial statue you walk by everyday, local history surrounds you. Stop by OHS current window display and exhibit to learn how you too contribute to local history.

June/July 2022
Dream Town , Oakmont Camp Colony

Cottages, tents, canoes and motorboats, stop by the Oakmont Historical Society summer window display and reflect back on Oakmont as a vacation spot.

May 2022
Memorial Day: Remembering Our Veterans

Stop by the History Center front window as you stroll down the boulevard and stop and remember Oakmont’s servicemen. Oakmont is proud to honor servicemen from the different United States Arm Forces and we thank you for your service.

April 2022
Willows Night Club

The new window display at the history center features the Willows Night Club in Oakmont. The Willows was host to many of big bands of the swing era: Artie Shaw, Cab Calloway, Rudy Vallee and Lawrence Welk.

Our new book, When the Stars Shined in Oakmont, the Willows Nightclub is available at the Oakmont History Center. $5.00per copy